Hi! My name is Annie and welcome to my shop! 

I began sewing when I was in high school. I would use fabric my mom had in our spare room to make shirts and dresses, anything different from what other girls were wearing. I loved going to thrift stores and buying an old dress, cutting it up, taking my sewing machine to it, adding some lace and bows and making it young and fun again. I have always enjoyed wearing things that I knew no one else would have on. I never wanted to show up to the party dressed like any other girl. Years ago, after showing a friend of mine some new styles I had made, she said I needed to start selling my designs so I decided to go for it... 



I turned my design focus to swimwear after making a hot pink with white lace lingerie style bikini for a trip to Las Vegas. One day in the pool I had a few girls come up to me to ask where I had got my bikini from. I knew then that I wanted to make bikinis for every girl out there. I have always loved bikinis, or as I like to call them, "My Uniform."

Most of my inspiration comes from the beautiful Southern California beaches that I grew up on and the awesome beach lifestyle that comes along with it. I love lace, ribbons, glitter and bows, anything feminine, girly and sexy. Most of my designs are named after streets I have lived on, pets I had as a kid, or friends of mine. I feel that it really adds a bit of me to each piece. Every design is custom made from start to finish with attention being paid to every last detail. I don't follow any fashion rules. I make what I like to wear and hope that others like them enough to want to wear them as well.


After becoming a mommy to a sweet little girl, I started adding some children's apparel and Mommy & Me styles! I can now offer baby/ toddler leggings, shorts and swimmies along with mommy and me swim styles.


I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in fashion events associated with Fashion Week San Diego, Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, Prospect Lounge La Jolla, CBS 8 News, Club Fashion Whore, University of California San Diego, Channel 93.3 Radio, Rock 105.3 Radio, Jam'n Z90.3 Radio, WaveHouse San Diego, Glamour and Glow, Hustler Hollywood, Secret Scholar Magazine and The Susan G Komen Foundation.

Thanks for looking and if you have any questions about ordering & turn times or sizing & customization, please dont hesitate to ask!